Langney Sports Indoor Bowls Club


1.    The Club shall be known as the LANGNEY SPORTS INDOOR BOWLS CLUB and shall comply with the rules of the Langney Sports Club. It shall be affiliated to the English Indoor Bowling Association, the English Women’s Indoor Bowling Association, the Sussex County Indoor Bowling Association and the Sussex County Women’s Indoor Bowling Association or any of their successors.



(a)  Full and Life Membership.

Persons may be admitted as Full Members (subject to vacancies) on payment of the annual subscription as determined at the preceding Annual  General Meeting (AGM). Election to Life membership is in the gift of the Management Committee.  Life Members are not required to pay the annual subscription but have the same privileges as Full Members.    


(b)  Social Membership.

      Persons may join as a non bowling Social Member and automatically become members of Langney Sports Club. 


(c)  Non Members (e.g. bowlers on holiday or guests of Club members) may, when rinks are available, play up to a maximum of five times per season, subject to the rules regarding dress and on payment of such fees as may have been determined at the preceding AGM.



(a)  All members shall pay such subscriptions and green fees as determined at the preceding AGM.

(b)  Annual subscriptions become due on 1st September of each year.  Non payment of the annual subscription will result in the member’s privileges of the Club being withdrawn.


4.   ADMINISTRATION    (a)   The Club shall be managed by an Executive Committee comprising Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Men’s Captain and Ladies Captain.  Five members shall constitute a quorum.


(b)  A General Committee comprising the Executive Committee, Membership Secretary, Competition Secretary, League Secretary, Match Secretary, Men’s Vice Captain, Ladies Vice Captain, Welfare Officer, Social Secretary, Publicity Officer, House Representative and Chief Green Steward shall be responsible for the organisation of all Club activities other than those dealt with by the Executive Committee. Nine members shall constitute a quorum. The General Committee shall determine the Rules and Conditions for all games, matches, leagues and competitions and shall be responsible for the proper running of the Club.


(c)  Sub-Committees may be formed to organise individual activities at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

(d)  In the event of vacancy occurring on either Committee the Executive Committee may make such appointment as may be necessary to fill the vacancy until the next AGM.


       The Honorary Secretary shall take minutes of all meeting, receive proposals for membership and deal with all correspondence.

         The Honorary Treasurer shall receive all monies due to the Club and keep accurate accounts of all transactions.  All monies received shall be banked in a manner approved by the Executive Committee.  Cheques shall be signed by any two of the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. The Treasurer shall furnish a statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet to all members of the Club at the AGM.

       All other Officers shall perform such duties as are commensurate with their job titles and         any such other duties as they may be asked to undertake from time to time.



(a)  The Annual General Meeting of which twenty one days clear notice must be given and at which twenty five members entitled to vote shall form a quorum shall be held before the 30th June of each year.  The purpose of the Meeting is to receive the reports of the Officers, to elect members to serve on the General Committee and to agree membership fees and green fees for the following year.


(b)   Only full and life members of the Langney Sports Indoor Bowls Club shall be entitled to vote at a General Meeting.


(c)    Nominations for election to the General Committee shall be entered on the Nominations List displayed on the Club main notice board at least 21 days before the date of the AGM and which will be removed seven clear days before the General Meeting.  Nominations must have a proposer and seconder and signed by the nominee all of whom must be members of the Club.


(d)  Proposals for consideration at the AGM must have a proposer and seconder who must be members and be given to the Club Secretary in writing at least 14 days before the date of the meeting.  All proposals will be displayed on the main Club notice board until seven clear days before the date of that meeting.




      An Extra Ordinary General Meeting may be called on giving at least twenty one days notice in writing either by the General Committee or in writing to the Honorary Secretary by fifty members or by fifteen percent of the full members whichever is the least.


 8.   DRESS


(a)   For casual play and internal league matches men shall wear white shirt or polo shirt, plain grey trousers and brown, grey or white bowling shoes. Ladies shall wear white top with collar, grey regulation skirt,  trousers, culottes or crop trousers and brown, grey or white bowling shoes.


(b)   For Club finals and matches both men and ladies shall wear such dress that may be approved from time to time by the Controlling Associations and as decided by the Competition Secretary or Captains for individual matches.


(a)    Running and taking of food, drinks and confectionery on the green is forbidden.


(b)    The use of spray markers other than water based is forbidden as is the use of ‘Grippo’ or any other glycerine substance on bowls.


(c)    Bowls bags and all outdoor clothing must be left in the changing rooms and not taken into the bowls hall or left in the reception area.



10.    PLAY

(a)    All games are to be played under the laws of the Controlling Associations.


(b)    All green fees as determined at the preceding AGM must be paid prior to playing.


(c)    Play on rinks allocated for general play or competitions shall be under the control of the Green Steward.


(d)    A bell will be rung to indicate the end of each session after which any end started may be completed. An end started is defined by the jack having been cast.


(e)   Club stickers are to be used on all bowls at all times.


11.    MATCHES

(a)    The Selection Committee shall comprise the Captains and the Vice Captains and shall have the power to co-opt other members at its discretion, three to form a quorum


(b)    Members selected for matches are required to initial their selection on the team sheet as soon as possible.  If unable to play the Captain must be informed as soon as possible.


(c )   Members selected for matches must report to the Green Steward 20 minutes prior to the starting time for the match.  Failure to do so may, at the Captain’s discretion, result in substitution.



(a)   Any full member may enter any Club competition subject to the proviso in paragraph 13 (c ).  Entry to National and County competitions are subject to the rules of the Controlling Associations.


(b)   Club competitions shall be under the general control of the Competition Secretary whose decision shall be final.


(c )   Any member entering any National, County or Club competition at another Club may not enter any competition at this Club in the same season. Further no member may represent more than one Club in County or National competitions in any one season even though they may be a member of more than one Club.


(a)    The organisation and running of internal leagues shall be under the general control of            the League Secretary whose decision on all matters concerning the leagues shall be final.



 (a)  Members or their guests shall not interfere with the controls of the heating, ventilation                  or lighting of the bowls hall


(b)   Access to and from lockers shall be via the walkways around the green and not across the green.


(c)   Members are not permitted to bring food for consumption on the premises into any part of the Club


(d)   Children under 14 years of age shall not be admitted to the bowls hall either to watch or play unless accompanied by and under the control of a member parent or guardian.  Any exception to this rule may only be granted by a Committee member or Green Steward.  Failure to control a child whilst in the bowls hall will result in both the parent or guardian and child being asked to leave.               


 (e)  Members must comply with these rules and any member whose conduct is in the opinion of the Committee objectionable or who fails to comply with these rules or those of the Sports Club, may be expelled from the Club by the Committee whose decision shall be final.



 (a)  The rules of the Club may only be amended at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General meeting called for that purpose.  Notice of any proposed amendments is to be posted in the Club for at least 14 days prior to the meeting at which the proposed amendment is to be presented. Any amendment shall require a majority of at least two thirds of the members present at such meeting.


                                                                                   Adopted by A.G.M.24th April 2017