It was back in 1985 that a group of football enthusiasts leased the Priory Lane site from the local council. This early beginning prompted the building of the Langney Sports Club. Many of these enthusiasts were skilled craftsmen, and did much of the work themselves.

In the early 1990s the co-founder and treasurer of the newly formed club Peter Drury, who was an outdoor bowler himself, convinced his colleagues that an indoor bowls hall would be a natural extension of the club's facilities.

Whilst a lot of the work continued to be undertaken it was necessary to raise £500,000 in order to build the main hall and make extensions to the existing club building. This was accomplished by securing a loan from the club's brewers and inviting interested parties to join a newly formed bowls club and contribute towards the capital by acquiring members bonds. The building was completed in 1992 and was officially opened by one of the sport's legends, Richard Corsie, in 1993.

In 2005 the concrete floor was replaced with a boarded one, and a new carpet was laid. By 2009 all members bonds had been repaid, and in 2010 structural improvements were undertaken with a new ceiling, heating system and lighting.

Further improvements are planned for the future including a possible extension to the rear of the club.