1       All Competitions are played in accordance with the Laws of Indoor bowls as          laid down by the World Indoor Bowls Council, except where otherwise stated in the following rules.

  2      SINGLES are played to 21 shot

           PAIRS are played over 21 ends

    TRIPLES are played over 18 ends

    FOURS are played over 21 ends

   3     Any bowler in singles that is aware at the beginning of a round that they

           will not be available to play in the next round shall concede that round.

    4     Any  Bowler who knowingly will be away for either the Semi-Final or Final

           should not enter.

    5     Matches are played over two sessions and to the finish unless one side                                           concedes.                        

    6     For ALL matches, up to the semi-finals, there is a ‘play by’ date by which

            matches are to be played.  The Challenger(s) the first named player(s)

            arranges the match, and also appoints a marker in the Singles.  When the date

            is agreed the Challenger (s) books a rink which is for two sessions.

   7      For ALL matches each team have to keep their own score cards.

   8      In the event of a dead end, the jack will be put on the re-spot position.

   9     Except for exceptional circumstances matches not played by the ‘play date’         

           are recorded as lost by the challenger(s)

           Any player or team not ready to play thirty minutes after the scheduled

            starting  time forfeit the match and are responsible for paying the green                fees for both teams.

  10      One substitute is allowed for Pairs, Triples and Fours.  The same substitute is                allowed, if required, on one or more occasion.  The substitute is not permitted                  to skip the team or have played in the same competition.

            In the event of a dead end, the Jack will be put on the re-spot position.

 11     In the event of a player becoming incapacitated during a Semi-Final or Final           (and no substitute is available) the Competition Secretary will re-arrange the     game on a convenient date.

12     Semi-final and Finals. The rinks will be allocated immediately prior to

            playing by the Competition Secretary.

   13     Semi-finals and Finals are only played on the days and times allocated.

   14     Dress Code.  CLUB SHIRTS AND WHITES.


Any disputes or complaints are to be made by telephone and in writing to the Competition Secretary, who may refer the matter to the Club Committee whose decision is final.


Amended September 2017